IL Freedom Caucus: Illinois residents paying the price for Gov. Pritzker’s Election Year gimmicks

June 30, 2023

Springfield, IL – The Illinois Freedom Caucus is issuing the following statement on the gas tax hike and reinstatement of the grocery tax taking effect July 1st.

“The only time Illinois residents seem to have any hope of tax relief is when our state’s political overlords are running for re-election. While a candidate for re-election, JB Pritzker suspended the tax on groceries and delayed the gas tax increase that was supposed to take effect last July. Not only did Illinois motorists get hit with a gas tax in January, but they are also getting hit with another gas tax increase on July 1st. Additionally, the grocery tax will be reinstated on July 1st as well.

Illinois needs real tax reform – not election year gimmicks. Illinois families deserve to be more than props in Gov. Pritzker’s re-election passion play. If suspending the grocery tax was a benefit to working families, then why not make it permanent? Why not permanently end the annual CPI gas tax increases?

The truth is the temporary tax relief extended to Illinois families in 2022 was not about helping them better make ends meet. It was about helping JB Pritzker win re-election. It is time we had leaders who put the needs of working families ahead of their own political ambitions.”