IL Freedom Caucus calls for spending reforms ahead of Governor’s address

Monday, Feb. 19, 2024

Springfield, IL – Members of the Illinois Freedom Caucus are calling for fiscal discpline and spending reforms ahead of the Governor’s State of the State Address on Wednesday.

“Governor Pritzker is set to give his 6th budget address on Wednesday, February 21st. While certainly no Republican has seen his speech, or really been involved in any budget planning at all behind closed doors, we can most likely predict the rhetoric that Governor Pritzker will return to once again.

The Governor will lie to everyone in the State of Illinois by stating that we have a ‘balanced budget’, which could not be further from the truth, unless he plans to make major spending cuts. As we predicted, and have now witnessed last year, the Governor’s claim of a balanced budget was completely busted by out of control illegal immigration spending,and a dramatic increase in state labor contracts.

Governor Pritzker will do his best to convince everyone that the declining population, some 200,000 people since the last census, has no bearing on tax revenue. Most likely, he will even try to convince you that Illinois’ population is rising. We suppose this is something that the Governor has to believe if he wants to justify the over $10 Billion increase in state budgeting since he took office. Perhaps he is counting on illegal immigrants to make up the population shortfall?

The Governor will announce new and renewing state projects to the tune of millions of tax dollars in the name of ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’. He will say this label justifies all the ‘migrant spending’ in his budget, which will be severely underestimated. Meanwhile, working Illinois families continue to struggle to put food on the table in Joe Biden’s economy. Tell us, Governor, how is that equitable?

Finally, as if we were playing  JB bingo, the Governor will most likely refer to anyone who opposes his out of control spending as ‘carnival barkers.’ Because, that is what extreme liberals do best when their irresponsible policies are exposed, they name call and gas light.

We hope the Governor surprises us all on Wednesday with a list of responsible fiscal reforms and spending cuts, but when he doesn’t, we will stand ready to fight his out of control spending.”

The Illinois Freedom Caucus is comprised of State Representatives Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro), chairman; Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City), vice-chairman; Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich); Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville); Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur); Jed Davis (R-Newark) and David Friess (R-Red Bud). The members of the Illinois Freedom Caucus are members of the Illinois General Assembly who are advocating for limited government, lower taxes and accountability, and integrity in government.